Public Education

New Dimensions provides an academic environment which combines Orange County School Districtʼs program called Community Home Education Program (CHEP) with private tutoring. This unique combination enables children to be enrolled through independent school system while at the same time benefit from qualified teachers in a daily traditional school setting. In this way, children are not only assured of having a California State standard education, but they are also able to reap the benefits of a flexible education which allows each child to excel to their own potential. Throughout its history, children taught at New Dimensions have placed high on the California Standard tests and have gone on to attend various community colleges and universities in Southern California, like Cal State, UC Irvine and UCLA amongst others. Children are allowed to compete in school district’s various events, such as spelling bees, geography competition, speech competition, fitness challenge, etc.

In addition, our teachers can add various Islamic Concepts in regular subjects of Science, History, Geography, etc. by instilling in the kids the idea that it is Allah (swt) who has created this universe and everything that is in it. He (swt) is the one who has created the Earth for us to live on and this is an Amana (Trust) from Allah (swt) and that we must take care of it. These concepts cannot be taught at a regular public school. Overall, parents of children attending this program are very pleased with the childʼs progress and we are very proud of the services we offer to the Muslim Community in Southern California.


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